In order to ensure proper operation of its systems, MF can provide adequate assistance to all its customers, with the possibility to sign a scheduled maintenance contract for those customer who wish to do so.

Preventive maintenances allows to:

  • cut down to a minimum maintenance costs that would otherwise be considerably higher;
  • extend the service life of the system and reduce production stoppages.

In the past few years, the company has made great efforts to enhance and improve its technical assistance service through the constant training of its technicians, who have longstanding experience in this field and have obtained the license required to manage systems operating with NH3. They have also obtained their “European license – Category 1”, in compliance with European Regulation 517/2014, which governs control of leaks of fluorinated gases.


Thanks to their consolidated experience, MF’s technicians specialise in consulting services on the subject of “industrial refrigeration”, for both the construction of new facilities or the expansion of existing cooling systems, and the requalification or industrial reconversion of refrigeration lines, based on different needs.

The objective is to provide supporting advice when building new industrial sites and restructuring obsolete refrigerating systems or systems that no longer comply with the regulations currently in force, starting from the design phase to the execution phase, all the way to the technical supervision of the jobs, preparing all the necessary documentation for each processing phase.

On the strength of longstanding experience, MF has acquired in-depth technical and regulatory knowledge in the field of refrigeration, due to the different and continuing market requests and in compliance with the large number of national and European standards in force, which require design engineers and system manufacturers to comply with specific technical and environmental limits.


Through remote assistance, MF guarantees control of proper system operation, reducing stoppages in cold production and thus controlling the level of wear of all components.

A crucial service in terms of customer satisfaction is the remote supervision by our technical personnel, which makes it possible to solve part of the problems without having to actually reach the system location, thus reducing machine downtimes.

Remote system management makes it possible to:

  • monitor the instruments installed in the cold room for the purpose of measuring temperature, pressure and power absorption, so as to efficiently manage the electricity consumption of the system
  • Complete management of defrosting cycles
  • Possibility to set the setpoint based on specific customer requests
  • Management of alarms with the possibility to set thresholds, differentials and delays
  • Possibility to associate a telephone dial for receiving a warning in case of an active alarm
  • Unlimited alarm history, with the possibility to check all previous alarms
  • Real-time monitoring of the detected values


As from 1st January 2015, all systems using R22 gas can no longer be recharged, in case of maintenance, with “regenerated R22 gas“.

This means that companies that use refrigeration systems for their production processes are forced to take action in the short-medium term to make their equipment compliant with this new regulation.
Retrofitting using “drop-in” type blends is the operation carried out in order to replace the R22 gas with long-term gas blends.
In situations where the system is still efficient and in good condition, this may be the more practical and effective solution.


Thanks to over forty years of experience and the continuous improvement of the techniques and skills of its technical personnel, MF also overhauls industrial “refrigerant compressors” that work using traditional refrigerant gases, both natural and artificial.

Our workshop is able to guarantee a qualified overhauling service for all piston and screw compressor, both open and semi-hermetic, made by major global companies.
All compressors are overhauled by highly specialised technicians using cutting-edge equipment that ensures the utmost reliability of the overhauled product and original spare parts ONLY.